About Dry Lake

Dry Lake is located 15 miles south of Stuttgart near the Lodges Corner community and just 2 miles east of Bayou Meto Wildlife Management Area.

About Dry Lake

stuttgart duck huntingOur duck hunting is among the best in the Stuttgart, Arkansas region...led by experienced, knowledgable guides who give their very best to ensure you enjoy a successful hunt. The relaxed, inviting atmosphere - combined with our comfortable accommodations and exceptional meals - make Dry Lake one of the finest waterfowl hunting experiences in the country.

DLHS is a family-owned guide service, and our property is partly owend by DLHS or leased from our immediate family for farming and waterfowl hunting purposes.


Our lodge was built in 2005...designed to give you that rustic feel of the outdoors, but with all the comforts of home. Hospitality abounds in our spacious great room, complete with complimentary beverages. And you'll love the down-home meals at prepared at DLHS...where the quality and flavor really shines through.


Our hunting property has three important things going for it...location, location, location! We are fortunate to be situated right in the heart of Arkansas' finest waterfowl hunting region. DLHS is located adjacent to the state's premier wildlife management area for waterfowl...Bayou Meta WMA...a 30-thousand acre flooded, green timber refuge. Coupled with the 20-thousand acres of prime agricultural land surrounding Dry Lake makes our hunting property a perennial "hot spot". The flooded rice and soybean fields, as well as the numerous sloughs and reservoirs maintained by the area land owners, provides an excellent habitat for ducks and geese, alike.


arkansas duck lodgeWe hunt in small groups in flooded rice and soybean fields, a cypress slough, reservoirs and in millet / corn fields in sub-surface pit blinds (approximately 20' wide)...all over unharvested crops. The pits can accommodate 6 hunters, but we prefer to hunt in groups of 4. We DO NOT mix groups of hunters. You will enjoy hunting in the company of the people with whom you came. Morning and afternoon hunts are available. All hunts are on land owned, farmed or leased by DLHS.


Good food habitat equals good duck populations; therefore, it is our common practice to always leave unharvested crops around our field pits. Although the acreage will vary from year to year, we generally leave about 35-55 acres of rice, millet and corn standing in our fields.


bayou meto duck huntWe have a total of 8 pits and 1 blind scattered over two farms...covering about 5 square miles. We only flood our fields a few at a time throughout the season. This moderate approach to progressive field flooding allows us to always have a fresh field of food available for new flights of ducks, just in case some early flights "eat out" a field early in the season. This practice gives us the flexibility necessary to move our hunting positions from field to field...in-sync with the movement of the ducks. Whether it's rice, corn or millet fields, reservoirs or sloughs...we will hunt where the ducks are located...that you can count on.


We will hunt over 250 decoys dispersed around each field pit. We will also use jerk strings and other legal attraction methods, as necessary, to attract the waterfowl to our hunting positions.